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Watch the D Country Shuffle online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar

In this track in the key of D, it was kind of a shuffle track. I love playing country shuffles, and in this one I was able to incorporate a lot of things that we learned in section 1. I started this off by playing the open string D lick. I connected that with the steel guitar bend that I showed you where you did this. I separated it, and then when I went to G, I did more of this thing that I haven't gotten to show you yet. But you bend more than one string at a time, and in G. This is where I bent the G up a whole tone, bent the D note a whole tone down. So the B string goes up on the A, the G string goes down on the 7th and when that's released, the 3rd finger comes down on the 9th fret and the D string is actually bent a half tone up on the 9th fret while the G string is bent down a whole tone on the 7th. Then you release the two. That's a little bit of a tough bend there. But what I wanted to show you is that you can do a lot of crazy bends, so I connected the open string lick stuff in G. In A, I approached the A section from where I was coming down the scale and so I looked at this from the format of playing off the bar on the 7th fret to where I played the Major scale. Then my A is actually right here and to finish the A section, going back to D, I descended in A position but thinking out of the D bar chord on the 7th fret. That took me back to the double stop realm in the key of D. That led me from the 7th fret to the G open string lick that you're already used to. Then in the A section, I was able to break it down to where I was doing some cool things to where I could move back into the D scale using the double stops but I wanted to keep more of a traditional country feel so I actually took the G open string scale to where I moved it and then I thought I was going to do some lick like that, but instead I thought it may be cool to add something uniquely different on the A section so what I did was that I didn't want to complete it with G section with a steel guitar bend. I'll wait to do that, so when I finished the G open string scale on the G note, Then I hit the open E string. It allowed me to reach in the A position right here behind the nut. You get to have a little fun off of the fret board once in a while. SO I hit the E open and I bent the G string behind the nut a whole tone. I finished off the A section and went back to double stops to end the track. Everything can still connect together as long as you keep in mind that the high-low-low-high pattern will take you where you want to go except that you have to determine which licks will work the best and know where you are at all times so that you can make it work out and flow just like that one did. That was a D country shuffle, folks. One of my favorite styles in the world and I was really glad that we were able to utilize a lot of the stuff we learned. I hope that helps you!