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Watch the C Country Rock online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar

All right folks, let's talk about this modern country rock track that we just heard. This is a lot of fun to play over, and what I've done here is I've incorporated older style country licks such as steel bends, and some double stops, and similar stuff like that across a newer modern sounding country track. What modern country has done is added an element of rock, which is great for a guy like me who likes to play rock as well. I think what's really cool about modern country is that with the rock edge it has, you're still able to play some of the older style country licks just adding some dirt to it.

I started with a regular C format on the third fret and I did a little walk up, similar to your regular old blue grass, but I did it in a way that was more open-ended like in a rock way. As I was walking up that, I added a steel bend right directly behind that. We learned how to do stuff like that in section 1 but I'll run by this bend for you. I know I showed you how to go to the flat 7 but what I did was I continued that down the scale. Essentially, we're going back down the scale from the flat 7 back to the major third. Going further from that, I moved down the fret board to C position on the 8th fret where I went into a "Johnny be good" thing. When I come on to that, it leads me into the second part. But before we go into that second part, there is a five spot that happened there. I continued in the Key of C on the 5th fret and I played this actual run from the C position on the 8th fret to where I did a 5 run going backwards again. It sounded kind of like this. Now all I'm doing is playing just this scale, but I'm actually adding some trills in there. You can add trills, as you like when you get to jam over this kind of band track. It's fun and engaging to hear a descending run versus always climbing. I like to do scales like this. Leading that into that Chuck Berry thing we were talking about, down here on the 8th fret ad now we're in the second half of this solo, to where I moved up the fret to the C position on the 13th fret on the B string. So I moved it down. This is the kind of lick that I showed you in one of the previous band tracks where we're rolling off the bend. We bend the bend up there and now I'm bending on the 15th fret and I'm reaching down with my pinky directly underneath it on the high E string so it's actually making a C bend. Once I pull it up there, I'm going to hold it up there and reach back with my first finger to the 13th fret on the F note on the high E string. And then I release my bend after that which gives it a cool sound. Then I slid down using octaves but you can actually slide that down however you prefer. Remember that percussiveness is really cool. Make sure you play it along with the groove of the drummer. As a lead guitarist, I like to listen to the drummer because he lays the foundation for what you're going by. After I walk down from that, I essentially went into a lick that was taught in section 1 where I moved into fourth position, in F, I walked down to the flat seven because it leads me into fourth chord. When I get into F, I did that lick I showed you in section 1 that sounds like this. I had to go back to the one so I slide that down by going into a bend-that I'm actually on the sixth note of the C major scale. I bend that up about a half tone but as you can hear I'm leading the bend up to the C but I don't quite reach there. Then I reach to the flat seven note which is now on the 11th fret and bend to meet that C. Then I go to a five real quick there, and that's how we finished it off. I used a pentatonic feel to get back down. There you have it folks. A little bit of modern country rock- it's an awesome style. Some people like that country has gone more rock but I tend to like the more traditional country stuff. There's two type of music- good and bad. And so is modern country rock great? Yes, it is! I'm a huge fan and I love to play rock as well so to have the elements of rock and country today is pretty cool. When I get to do a session like this in Nashville, playing modern country, I still get to use all the traditional steel guitar bends, double stops and cool stuff like that. I hope you've enjoyed this track because I sure did in bringing it to you!