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Watch the Tex Mex Solo online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Essentials: Country Soloing Styles

We start with a pickup run into the D chord that starts on the 5th of D into double stops that move up through the D arpeggio. Next, we use a common embellishment to a double stop on the 3rd and 5th. We start a half step lower, then move a diatonic step higher and resolve it. Over the A, we'll use the eighth two sixteenth rhythm to descend through the scale. Then, we have a scale run starting on the 5th of A up into 6ths. Each interval of 6ths targets chord tones. I use tremolo picking on these double stops. I change the double stops into 3rds over the C# and D chord.

The next phrase approaches the 3rd of D chromatically from a whole step below and jumps up a 6th to the root. I continue this idea descending the top note down to the dominant 7th to set up the G chord. When I get to the G, I use a IV sub. This means I'm playing a C triad against G and then resolve. For the iv, I use descending double stops down to D. Over the V chord, I'm outlining a Bb diminished arpeggio as a shortcut to bringing attention to the 3rd, 5th, b7th, and b9th. I end the solo with a wide voicing of the D chord similar to a voicing you might see in classical music.