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Watch the Rockabilly Solo online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Essentials: Country Soloing Styles

I begin the solo with dissonant hammer on lick that gets my open E string and the fretted D# to ring against each other. This is followed by triplet pull offs in the style of Cliff Gallop or Chet Atkins. Then, I move the lick up the neck chromatically to build tension going to the IV chord. I'm using a simple Travis picking pattern over inversions of the IV chord and use them to move me up the neck so I'm in 12th position when we change back to E. Here I'm playing a double stop lick and then playing the same lick again but down an octave.

Over the B7, I'm using a whole tone scale pattern to get a bunch of the altered notes of B7. For C to B, I'm just outlining a dom9th arpeggio up and down. The last E chord I'm drawing on the swing influence. It's basically an E triad but I'm using chromatic passing tones to connect the chord tones. I end the solo with a tip of the hat to Cliff Gallop by double picking my way down an E major scale.