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Watch the Country Rock Solo online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Essentials: Country Soloing Styles

I start the solo with a unison bend into C# over the A chord. The rest of the phrase uses the A major pentatonic with b3 and b7 passing tones. This leads into a banjo roll through A triad inversions and tone clusters into bending 6ths up the neck to set up the D chord. Over the D chord I descend using double stops into a cascading D lick. Then I jump up the neck to the b7 of A into a bluesy lick that takes us all the way down to the low E. Next, we chicken pick the interval of a 6th down an E Mixolydian scale. For our hold over the D chord, I'm using a double stop lick that has a dissonance between the 6th and b7th. To wrap up the solo, I play some double stops over A. The most notable are the half step approaches into the tritone interval made by playing the 3rd and b7 together.