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Watch the Common Soloing Chords online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Rockabilly Survival Guide: Lead

Rockabilly has some harmonic calling cards that we want to make sure are in our bag of tricks. The major 6th chord is one of them. This is something you find quite a bit in western swing also. It's a nice way to add color without making a chord dominant. Another is the major 6/9 chord. This one tends to be a point of destination. It's usually at the end of a phrase or the last chord of the song. Lastly, we should take a look at the Dom 9 chord. There is a specific voicing that is found quite a bit in rockabilly. It often gets used to imitate a horn section hit. What makes it so unique is the voicing. The notes are arranged so the 9 and 3rd are a whole step away from each other. This gives us a nice dissonance in the middle of the chord.