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Watch the Pocket Change online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

This is a total Georgia Satellite rip-off. But hey - so was "A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action" by Toby Keith! My buddy Jimmy Stewart was a co-writer on that one - he said that was a close call. Now see this is funny, I say 1-4-5 but there's also a 7b in there. This is why we have to pay attention kids. I sometimes forget what I'm playing on my own songs. Here are some neat little pedal steel bends, these can be really pretty played clean with no overdrive and a long delay. If you have already visited the first part of this course, I talked a lot about banjo-rolls and we touch on that here. In this style it's just so important to become fluid using all of your fingers. I know it can seem impossible at first, but it's just like riding a bicycle, it gets easier and easier - until someone steals your bicycle. Also, notice that tone, that's the big change you get when you add that Keeley Bluesdriver into the mix - huge difference.