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Watch the Pedalboard online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

"I feel so lucky to have the chance to show you the result of years of research that we've done regarding the downright best guitar effects out there. And believe me, we haven't tried them all, but between myself and my musician friends, there's not a whole lot out there that one of us hasn't tried or doesn't have a report on. First of all you need to know that my pedalboard as it is seen here is a condensed version of my studio pedalboard. And yes, everyone had a good laugh at my 'Airport Pedal Security System' held together with cable ties - which was for the express purpose of the pedals being held in place and surviving the airport luggage transit experience down to St. Petersburg. It isn't very aesthetically appealing. However if you're in a pinch, drill some holes and use some industrial strength cross ties from the hardware store. My friend 'Rooster', at Trailer Trash Pedalboards swears by 3M Dual Lock, which is a velcro-like system of interlocking mushroom shaped heads that snap audibly that you need a screwdriver to separate when he builds his world-renown noiseless pedalboards. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to have Rooster put a pedalboard together for this filming. We did however put this pedalboard together on a Gigbox by Gator Cases, which is an amazing invention by my buddy Joe Hooper of Nashville - when you uncover your pedal board just take the lid and flip it over and pull up the A-frame stand and it holds three electrics and one acoustic.

I think this is a pretty self-exploratory section of video. I wish I had time to go into all of the different amps, cabinets and mics that we use and experiment with in the studio but I don't. So let me just list the effects we used on the course in order of the signal chain:

X2 Digital Wireless XDS-Plus System

Visual Volume Pedal by Visual Sound

Ecstasy Drive by Wampler Effects /

Keeley 4-knob Compressor

Boss Bluesdriver BD-2 - Modded by Keeley Electronics

MK423 Boost by Creation Audio Labs

Texas Flood by Toadworks

Signa-Comp Drive by CMAT Electronics

T.C. Electronics Chorus + Pitch Modulator & Flanger

Line6 DL4 Delay - Modded by Keeley Electronics

Line6 MM4 Modulator Effects

Gigbox Road Case by Gator

Mesa/Boogie Lonestar Amplifier

All connected with my trusty George L’s Pro Cables, they're the best - period.

Like I said, you can check out the new and improved Gear section with links to all of my favorite stuff.

I just want to say Thanks Again for purchasing my course. I really hope I was able to share something that will help you on your musical journey. Don't forget to be creative and revisit this course, I always see stuff that I missed the first time through... If you liked this course, please recommend it to your friends, family, AA sponsor, distant relatives, noisy neighbors, ex-lovers and community leaders. Especially if they need to practice like I do. Thank you for reading my commentaries and I sincerely hope you've enjoyed Modern Nashville Guitar!

Special thanks to (in no particular order): God; my creator, best friend and teacher, My loving, inspiring and supportive Father, Mother, Brother & Family, All of my friends and family that shared their knowledge and wisdom with me and encouraged me to keep at it, Nicolette Fontaine; None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you loving and believing in me when I could not, My Godfather; Duane Hitchings, Argill's Music Store, The HMA Family, Joe Hupp, Danny Sexton, Allen Reynolds, Mark J. Miller, Ed Beaver, Thom Bresh, Michael Molenda; thank you for my first big break, Ernest Rideout and the GH07 Band, Jude Gold, GH07 Judges; Joe Satriani, Nuno Bettencort, Elliot Easton, Mike Varney, Steve Lukather & Greg Howe, The Truefire family; for welcoming us into your home and making us feel like long lost cousins; Brad Wendkos & Family, Alison Hasbach, Nancy Catalano, Ren Wright, Dave Weisbrot (I wish we could make a record together-I still have so much to learn from you), Ed Sengstack, Nick Hinckley, Eric Hunter, Charlie Diaz, Rachel Goette, Andy Pervazov and Josh Catalano, Muriel Anderson and The All-Star Guitar Night Family, All of The Smith Family, Thank you Uncle Levon, Aunt Lorraine, Aunt Lovenia and Aunt Lovella for your encouragement, Randy & Lavinia Hutchison; thank you for inspiring me to really follow lead guitar, Christine McKay, Jessica Ford, David Johnson, Joy Ford & Family, Brice Henderson & Family, Dallas & Sharon Frazier, Don Goodman & Family, David Norris & Family, Chris Roberts; thank you for constantly going out of your way to help me out whether it's your skills as a drummer or as my pickup and effects tech-you're the greatest, Chris Leuzinger, Trey Alexander, Wendyann Pope-Herron, Tommy Butler, Mark Dreyer & Studio 23, Bob Berk, Bob Saxton, Buster B. Jones, Tony McAmy, Tony DeLaRosa, Fred Boekhorst, Leona Williams & Family, Larry Farragelli, Michael Tempesta, Gordon Dillingham, Shawn Roberts; thanks for customizing a great guitar, Ray Anderson & Bill Qualls, Scotty & Marie Blevins, Joe Hooper, Mark Hendricks, Jaime Scott & the X2 Family, Brent Lollis and The Triad Crew, Brent Mason & Family, Brian Wampler, Seymour Duncan, Randy Fuchs, Bobbe Seymour, Biff Watson, Carl Jackson, Lisa Sharken, Wally Saukerson and the Wally's World Crew, John Briggs & Michael Sistad at ASCAP, All of my Producer Friends and Studio Clients. There are So many others that I do not have room to list here, you know who you are. Thanks again to every influence, hero and friend mentioned in the course!"