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Watch the Outrun The Train online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

I've kept this solo pretty much the same for years now, it has some cool things in there inspired by Chuck Berry and Chet Atkins among others. We walk up to the G and do a basic little run and this section is pretty self explanatory. The next thing is a Chet Atkins inspired lick up by the 12th fret, this lick is fun because you get to slip and slide the notes on the G string around while plucking the notes on the B and high E. Then I give a brief thesis on Chicken Pickin' and why it's called so with a short introduction to the syncopated ghost notes it's known for, and how to emphasize them in your playing if you like. Also you notice my explanation of what I call 'rollin on' or 'rollin off' as basically anytime you're using more than one finger to hammer-on or pull-off in a phrase. I have quite a few little phrases like this you'll find scattered throughout the course.