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Watch the Outrun The Train online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

This is a full length instrumental performance of "Outrun The Train" for your reference.
This song has always been one of my most requested songs to play and sing, so when I needed to find an original song to perform live at Guitar Player Magazine's 'Guitar Hero 2007' Competition - an international electric guitar competition with the finals held in San Francisco, California in October of 2007, doing an instrumental version of "Outrun The Train" was a natural selection for me. I wrote "Outrun the Train" when I was 15 years old with the concept of writing an uptempo 'trainbeat' type song that told an ironic story. The true irony however was the fact that it was the instrumental version of this song that played the starring role in my first big break at GH07. The judges included guitar luminary Joe Satriani and L.A. studio legend Steve Lukather, among others. I felt very blessed to have been chosen by Editor-in-Chief Michael Mole and the staff of Guitar Player Magazine, to perform in the finals; I felt even more blessed and unworthy when they announced my name as the winner of the competition at the end of the night. I attribute that to the fact that this song allowed me the opportunity to showcase some of the most enjoyable things that I know how to play. With that said, this song also serves as a wonderful instructional tool because of the fact that a ton of my favorite country licks are already in this one performance. Therefore, we can get a lot of the uptempo 'Tele melee' stuff done in an ear-friendly way with one common key, tempo and theme for ease of reference.

I'm using the Seymour Duncan Five-Two bridge pickup on my G&L, a Keeley Compressor set to a 'hard knee' which means basically a lot of sustain with a short attack, Keeley modded Boss Bluesdriver BD-2 for some thick crunch (tweaked and more evident in the breakdown than in the performance), into the Keeley modded Line 6 DL4 using Slap-back 'analog delay' and then into the Mesa-Boogie Lonestar 1x12 tube amp at 30 watts.