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Watch the Midnight Walkin online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

This has some really nice examples of how to use hybrid picking in rock. You can get such a fat sound when you're able to hit all of the notes in a chord simultaneously. Back on the Critical Listening thing; The other day I was talking with 'Guitar Goddess', tech, rock guitar historian, super columnist and writer, Miss Lisa Sharken (who studied repair with Flip Scipio by the way); I was asking her if they had this old studio story in New York or L.A. - The story goes; A famous highly seasoned session guitarist gets hired to come in and redo a lead guitar track that some hot new kid (that's got no real respect yet) had already played on some high profile artist's new project, in order for the producer to get a 'different perspective'. So without hearing what the previous guitarist had played (his track is muted), the older session guitarist plays the exact same fills and solo - nearly note for note - and of course in one pass. Well, this astounds everyone in the control booth and they think it must be a practical joke or something, but no one had heard the other track except for them. So they're wondering 'how could this happen?' Do these two guys play racket ball together or something? Well, the story always ends with the producer asking the guitarist why he played what he did, and the older seasoned session guitarist says "That's what the song wanted." Interestingly enough, Lisa said that she'd never heard that story before. And that left me with the conclusion that it must be Nashville in origin, which doesn't surprise me because here we're notorious for saying things like "It's all about the song"...