Watch the Clouds online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

incorporate into your playing. Another thing I like to do is if I happen to hit on a phrasing or something that sounds unique and tasty, I'll stop the track and do it a few times, try it a few different ways, maybe in other keys too and memorize it, store it away in my arsenal, that's a great habit to get into.

On the G&L, I'm using the Seymour Duncan Five-Two™ bridge pickup blended into the 'out-of-phase sweet-spot' with the Seymour Duncan HotStack™ middle pickup for a flossy-nasally, but rich sound. The effects pedals we're using are a Keeley Compressor with a 'soft-knee' compression, a Keeley modded Boss Bluesdriver BD-2 for a touch of warm crunch and the Keeley modded Line6 DL-4 long delay with a shallow chorus or 'mod' only on the delayed signal. This lets the tone of the natural guitar through without 'dating' the sound with too much chorus. This effect emulates an original Memory Man effects unit, and it really adds a nice commercial polish to the sound. We're also running through the Mesa-Boogie Lonestar 1x12 tube amp at 30 watts, which adds a lot of fat round bottom to the tone.