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Watch the By The Sea online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

Wow - this initial performance sounds so 80's because of that heavy chorus. Anyhow, in this track we'll be implementing some of the same stylistic approach we covered in 'Clouds' but over a different groove with a different tone and hopefully with an entirely different visual image in mind. The idea here is to take the listener to that place, on the beach, say with a margarita in one hand. This may seem weird at first but if you can imagine for a moment that you really feel the sand between your toes, see the sweat on your glass with the salt and lime, and you can smell the breeze coming in off the ocean while your actually laying down the track, you seriously will not believe the impact that can have on a recording. It's simply amazing what the subconcious can communicate through the notes you choose to play and how you play them. This also ties in with some of the stuff I will talk about later regarding the musical influences you feed your brain, all of that will come back out in some form or another in your writing or playing. Did you know that when you throw a ball, your subconcious brain calculates on the most difficult calculus equations known to man, all in a fraction of a second in order to determine where, when and at what velocity the ball will land? Imagine how much information the subconcious is computing when you do a big guitar solo! All of the influences and melodies and chords and tones, all in your subconcious coming out through your fingers. It's pretty amazing what the human brain can do if you are aware of it.

On the G&L, I'm using the Seymour Duncan 'Firebird Mini-Humbucker' in the out of phase position with the middle pickup, a Seymour Duncan HotStack™, for a nasally but still thick Strat sound. I'm running that signal into a 'soft-knee' CMAT Signa Comp-Drive compressor, T.C. Electronics Chorus/Pitch Modulator into the Keeley modded Line6 DL-4 long delay (in the breakdown with a 'pitch mod' only on the delayed signal), then into the Mesa-Boogie Lonestar 1x12 tube amp at 30 watts - I try to get the tone as clean as possible with these sort of tracks, think studio monitor clean with tube color.