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Watch the Another Outlaw online guitar lesson by Ladd Smith from Modern Nashville Guitar

"The Outlaws" - it was the Very First Country Album ever to sell over a Million Copies, that was back in 1976, before Soundscan. It was a compilation of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter & Tompall Glaser and all this stuff that they and their friends had came up with including the signature tune "Good Hearted Woman" - supposedly a true live track and what some consider the quintessential 'Outlaw Song'. But if it was a true live recording (which I doubt), that's really saying something because there's always been a ton of stuff that says "Live" on it, and it's usually referring to one or two tracks in the mix (usually the drums). We rebuild a lot of 'live' stuff in this town, this is because of pitchy artists high on adrenaline, ambience acoustics, the occasional mediocre live musician and it also has a lot to do with the fact that there are very few engineers that actually know how to really record a live show and capture that magic without any overdubs. Anyhow, I put a bunch of my favorite 'Outlaw Tele Twang' licks into this groove for ya and I hope you dig it and come out feeling a little more informed about how to approach this type of music.

I'm using the Seymour Duncan Five-Two™ bridge pickup on my G&L, a 'hard-knee' Keeley Compressor, Keeley modded Boss Bluesdriver BD-2 to thicken it up, into the Keeley modded Line6 DL4 using a light Slap-back analog delay and then into the Line6 MM4 - Classic Analog Phaser, then into the Mesa-Boogie Lonestar 1x12 tube amp at 30 watts, lotsa bass is good. These kind of tracks can be a ton of fun if you use an actual old 2x12 Peavey with the Phaser built into it...