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Watch the Double Stops: Study 1 online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Country Guitar Survival Guide: Lead Edition

This a super important technique for any country player. A double stop refers to any combination of two notes, so really your imagination is the limit with this concept. You find double stops in every other style of music but what makes them special in country music is how you play them. In country music you are grabbing double stops with your fingers and plucking them hard enough to slap against the frets. I've showed you a lot of ways to pick and bend double stops across the neck in the form of thirds and sixths. This section is dedicated to playing double stops vertically or within a CAGED system. This means that we will play double stops out of familiar chord shapes. All you have to do is visualize the open C, A, G, E and D chord shapes. These are the shapes we will be embellishing. There are countless way to embellish the shapes but I've picked about ten licks that incorporate pedal tones, approach notes, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and bends.

The first study of this chapter has us playing over chord changes and trying to stay in one position. This means when the chord switches I'm looking for the closest possible chord shape to avoid jumping around on the neck.