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Watch the Study 3: Waltz Right In online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Country Guitar Survival Guide: Rhythm

Study three will finally get us playing a ballad in 3/4 time. It's common to hear waltz at slower tempos in country music. Our acoustic strum pattern is super simple. It's quarter notes with an accent on beat one. For this study our electric is arpeggiating. At a slower tempo we want to conscious of things having movement. Arpeggiating is a great way to achieve that. You could also use tremolo effect. The pulsing creates movement and allows you to just strum once per measure or phrase. I'm using moveable chords from our CAGED system and trying to good voice leading. The second electric is just playing backbeats every other measure. This gives the track an underlining 6/8 feel. First time through I'll just follow good voice leading. The second time through I'll change the inversion. This can create a nice lift for a new section. I'll also be adding fills. I never lose place of the arpeggiated pattern though.