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Watch the Country Guitar Survival Guide: Rhythm online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Country Guitar Survival Guide: Rhythm

Hi, my name is Jason Loughlin and welcome to Country Survival Guide: Rhythm. Too often guitarists focus only on lead playing and forget that the majority of the time you're establishing feel, style and the harmonic palette of a tune through playing rhythm. An audience can sooner forget a mediocre solo if the band is grooving but it's much harder to get an audience on board to a tune if the rhythm is uncertain or inconsisent. Country music is a wide umbrella. This is part of what makes it so much fun. There are so many subgenres, feels and other styles to draw from as a rhythm guitarist that you never run out of inspiration. In this survival guide we are going to look at the essential concepts that you will need to become a super solid country rhythm guitarist. The course is divided into two sections. In section one we will take a close look at the essential rhythm concepts. Together we will work on concepts like the boom chick, hybrid picking, syncopation, using fills and hooks, establishing rhythmic patterns and acoustic strumming. Some of the feels we'll look are are essential to have together as a rhythm guitarist. Feels like country shuffles, country swing, country rock and the half time outlaw country feel. Section two is made up of eight instrumental studies. These studies are there to show you how the concepts work in context. We've included all the backing tracks, notation and tab for all the examples. Let's get pickin'!