Watch the 30 Modern Country Licks online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 30 Modern Country Guitar Licks You MUST Know

Hi, I'm Corey Congilio, and welcome to 30 Modern Country Licks You MUST Know! Country music has always been a very guitar-centric genre with a truck load of challenging techniques to keep guitarists inspired and busy in the shed. Today, many consider modern country music, with its heavier rock-influenced sound, to be the last bastion of guitar heroes as it’s one of the very few popular genres that consistently features blazing guitar solos. In this collection of 30 Modern Country Licks, we'll study the approaches that guitarists like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Joe Don Rooney, and many others have made so popular.

For example, we’ll work on a modern approach for bending, look at how Brad Paisley is keeping chicken picking alive and well, work on some searing lines for ballads, and how a little distortion and gain can breathe new life into even traditional country licks.

We'll also work on some pedal steel licks that sound great over modern country grooves, channel Keith Urban in creating epic modern melodies over traditional country styles, and add a little more attitude using sixths.

I'll perform each of the licks over a jam track and then break it down for you note-by-note emphasizing the techniques to focus on. Everything is tabbed and notated, plus you'll get all of the backing tracks to work with on your own. Grab your guitar and let's dig in!