Watch the The Rockabilly Sound online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from 1-2-3 Rockabilly Guitar

Like most genres rockabilly has some stereotypical guitar sounds that can give a listener an instant indication that he or she is listening to rockabilly. Now there are many different type of guitar sounds used in rockabilly and all the sub genres but when most people think of rockabilly they imagine a clean guitar with slap back echo. In this segment I'll show you how to get a good sounding rockabilly tone that will lend itself well to many tunes. All you're gonna need is some kind of delay pedal set for one quick repeat. For a wider aray of tones, you can incorporate a compressor and an overdrive pedal. Set the compressor for light compression that just adds body. You don't want it to be too noticable. The volume really depends on where you put the pedal in your line. If it's after your overdrive you may want to set the volume high to push the amp. If it comes before your overdrive you may want to back it off so your not driving your pedal too hard. I set my overdrive so it's most sensitive to how hard or soft I pick. I want sound clean when I play light and get pretty raunchy when I dig in. Every pedal responds to this differently so you'll have to experiment a little with your set up.

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