Watch the 1-2-3 Rockabilly Guitar online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from 1-2-3 Rockabilly Guitar

I'm a big rockabilly fan. I discovered rockabilly as a little kid. My father had a Rockabilly compilation cassette tape called The Best of Rockabilly Volume 1 or something ridiculous like that. Those songs resonated with me immediately. There's a certain rebellious attitude built into rockabilly that is very alluring especially when you're eleven years old. I was pretty mesmerized by the guitar sounds, the gutsy vocals and that amazing echo. As a teenager I got more into rock and blues and eventually jazz. It wasn't until my early twenties that my love for rockabilly was rekindled. I heard Danny Gatton and something awoke in my DNA. I began to work backwards and dive into rockabilly and country music getting to know Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Charlie Feathers and Johnny Burnette.

So here's how Rockabilly 123 is going to work. It's divided into three sections. The first section we are going to look at is rhythm guitar playing. We going to learn about I IV and V chords and three different ways of finding them and then we'll learn three different rhythm guitar approaches. We'll learn a shuffle, travis picking and a boogie pattern. All of these are moveable which means you'll be able to play in all 12 keys. In section two we are going to focus on lead guitar and three different styles of improvisation. I'll teach you swing lines, double stop licks and "bluesier" sounding licks. This will allow you to play over a lot of different kinds of rockabilly tunes appropriately. Section three will have putting our new rhythm and lead guitar ideas to work on some rockabilly standards. I've picked six tunes that are very popular in the rockabilly repertoire. We are going to learn how to play the rhythm parts on these tunes and how to solo over them.

Everything covered in this course will be available in notation, tab and power tab. The best way to interact with this course in my opinion though is to really take advantage of the play along sections. I've also included rhythm tracks for everything in the course so you can practice rhythm and lead playing. When you get through with this course you'll have learned rhythm parts, lead licks and tunes that you can take to any jam session. Whether it's out at a gig or just at home jamming with friends you can feel confident that what you are playing is true to the style and language of rockabilly.

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