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Watch the 1-2-3 Country Guitar online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from 1-2-3 Country

Hi, I'm Jason Loughlin and welcome to 1-2-3 Country Guitar. Country music is largely responsible for shaping the sound of American music. It has a long and rich history that can be traced right back to European folk music. The evolution it experienced in the States has made it one of the main contributors in popular music today. There are endless styles and guitar techniques associated with country guitar. This can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Well, you just need a few rhythm and lead guitar approaches to get on your way to playing a wide variety of country music. This is not a beginner course, rather a crash course in getting inside of the language of country guitar.

Here's how this course is going to work. I've divided it into three sections; rhythm guitar, lead guitar and repertoire. In the rhythm guitar section I'm going to show you three chord shapes from the CAGED system, a movable E, A and C chord. Then we'll learn three ways to play a I, IV, V progression. The single string approach, 5th string approach and the 6th string approach. Finally, we will work through three classic rhythm guitar styles. Carter style, Country rock and a country shuffle.

The second section of the course will have us working through three lead guitar approaches. We'll learn a double stop, flat pickin' and a bending approach. In the final section we are going to use everything we've learned to work through six instrumental studies for country guitar. For each instrumental study I'll be showing the lead and the rhythm guitar part and then we're going to jam on them together. These studies were designed to expose you to common problems you will encounter while trying to apply the licks covered in the course.

Everything we cover in this course will be available in standard notation and tab. You will also get all the backing tracks from the course which allows you a lot of different ways to interact with the course. So crank those amps and let's get pickin'.