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Watch the 1-2-3 Bluegrass Guitar online guitar lesson by Eric Lambert from 1-2-3 Bluegrass Guitar

1-2-3 Bluegrass is a course designed to introduce you to the exciting world of bluegrass guitar through a series of easy to understand lessons explaining the use of chord patterns, picking techniques, the capo, the metronome and some classic bluegrass tunes that you can play at your local jam session. We'll also be able to pick together thanks to modern technology and the provided rhythm tracks.

If you're new to the bluegrass style of guitar, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that you don't need to know a lot of chords or have a degree in music theory or even know how to read music for that matter -- it's really quite simple. All you need to know is a few bluegrass techniques, all of which are covered in this interactive video course, and you'll be off and running.

One of the very cool things you'll discover right away about bluegrass guitar is that you can use a capo. By learning how to use the capo, you'll be able to take the chord shapes and techniques, move them up and down the neck to change the keys, and boom -- bluegrass magic.

Eric Lambert has organized this course in 6 easy-to-understand sections. You'll learn everything from rhythm playing and chord voicings to melody playing and soloing, as well as repertoire. Within each of the sections, Eric presents 3 essential techniques you must know in order to become a proper bluegrass guitarist.

You'll work on chord shapes in G, C, and D, for that bluegrass vibe. Alternating bass, to develop a nice pulse. Walking the bass, to create energy beneath your chords. Hammer-ons, a great soloing technique. Half step dissonance, to get that ol' banjo sound. G runs, a staple in bluegrass guitar playing. Harmony slides, a great way to alter the voice of you solo lines. Open string ring, another banjo technique. Hammering thirds, add some real character to your rhythm and solo playing. And of course, that great banjo twang!

In the last section, Eric will show you the rhythm parts, the melody and some soloing for 6 bluegrass standards. You'll learn how to play Carter Family classic "Wildwood Flower", "Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms", "Will The Circle Be Unbroken", "Nine Pound Hammer", "Mountain Dew", and "Arkansas Traveler".

There's really no better way to learn than the old fashioned way of "how'd you do that?!", so that's why Eric has also included a number of interactive playalongs in this course. He'll play something, then you'll play it, then you'll play together. Good ol' fashioned oral tradition.

Eric has also included slow rhythm tracks, medium rhythm tracks, and fast rhythm tracks so that you can work yourself up to speed as you go along. You'll also find charts, tab, and other necessary learning tools to get up and running in this unqiue style of guitar. Enough talk - let's pick!