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Online Classrooms Frequently Asked Questions

Why are TrueFire's Online Classrooms the best way to learn online?

With TrueFire's Online Classrooms, you get a personal instructor to assess your guitar playing and build a custom lesson plan just for you! You have a real "guide" or "Sherpa" to help you down the path, instead of only watching videos on your own, who you can communicate with via unlimited video & text messaging in an online classroom.

Unlike real time Skype lessons, you don't have to take your lesson at 8:30 on Tuesday night - you can take your lesson at midnight after the kids are in bed, or at 7:00am before you go to school - whenever it fits into YOUR schedule!

TrueFire's Online Classrooms gives you the all tools you need to learn effectively and efficiently. Not to mention you are learning from some of the best players out there! Browse the Online Classroom Directory to learn more!

What do I get in an Online Classroom?

First off, you get an awesome interactive one-on-one teaching experience with some of the top instructors out there! You also get complete access to the 20,000+ videos in the TrueFire library.

Depending on the individual instructor you are working with, you will receive several private lesson plans customized just for you. Plus, you will have the ability to have your own videos reviewed and carefully assessed by your instructor to ensure you are on the right path.

That is the real magic of the Online Classrooms - the interactivity! Of course not only do you get to interact with your instructor, but you will be able to share info, tips, and just hang with all the other members of your class - a GREAT way to build friendships with other players that have similar interests as you.

Browse the Online Classroom Directory to learn more!

How do I find the right Online Classroom for me?

Classrooms are designated by style and level so you can find where you fit in. Click on "Learn More" to see the complete description of each Online Classroom so you can really get a feel for their teaching style and pace. You will also be able to see the levels they offer and their pricing.

How do I enroll?

It's easy. Once you decide which instructor you want to study with, just hit the "Enroll Now" button and you will be taken to a page where you can choose your study plan level and get started! You are in the class before you know it!

Browse the Online Classroom Directory to learn more!

What should I do once I enroll in an Online Classroom?

After you enroll, you will receive an email giving you some cool links to things to check out, like the student orientation videos so you can get familiar with all the cool tools the Online Classroom has to offer.

You will also get a link to a Self-Assessment form that will be super helpful for your instructor to see where you are at and what some of your goals are. You should also record a short video with your webcam of yourself playing some stuff for your instructor to see.

Remember, the more information you can give to your instructor, the better custom lesson plan they can put together for you!

I already take private lessons, should I enroll in an Online Classroom also?

Private lessons are great - they are the best way to learn provided you have a great teacher. But they still can be supplemented with an online study program that allows you to work at your own pace, and at a time of the day that works for you. All without paying for high priced gas to get to your lesson!

Plus, the Online Classroom Instructors can cover a much wider range of expertise, so if you want to expand your skills in a certain direction, you will be able to with your instructor.

How often will I receive a new lesson?

That depends on your individual instructor's plan. Your Online Classroom Instructor can tell you when to expect your first lesson, and then what frequency they will come. You can then practice them at your own pace, with no time stress!

Can I enroll in more than one online classroom?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, some students are using TrueFire's Online Classrooms as their "Guitar College" - you can take a class in Acoustic fingerstyle, and another in Shred, and yet another in Theory - that would give you an intense and dynamic learning experience.

Each instructor will give you a lesson plan in their Classroom to keep you on track - AND you can keep track of it all in your Student Lesson Plan section! So enroll away!

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What You Get

Ongoing 1-on-1 Instruction
Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, while studying with a top instructor of your choice who specializes in the learning methods and techniques of your preferred style.

Customized Lesson Plans
Your instructor will customize a lesson plan for you based on your goals, initial assessment, available practice time and current level of play. The lesson plan evolves as you progress.

Video Messaging In Shifted Time
Your instructor sends you video lessons and personalized assignments. When you've completed your assignment, you'll send video to your instructor for assessment and feedback.

Social Learning Environment
While you'll study privately with your instructor, you'll also have the opportunity to interact with other students in group activities such as jams, video sharing and discussion feeds.

All Access Plan Enrollment
When you enroll in an Online Classroom, you'll also become an All Access Student, which will give you full streaming access to TrueFire's library of 20,000+ video lessons plus much more.

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