Watch the Chordal Movements online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

This video contains three chord progressions that use the transverse, angled in and angled out positions. Progression 1 starts at approximately 35 seconds. Progression 2 starts at approximately 2:35 seconds. Progression 3 starts at approximately 4:40 seconds.

As you become comfortable playing these progressions, start listening for the melody (top note of each chord) and the bass notes on the bottom of the chord. Classical guitarists do not think about chords as just one sound. We think in layers and are always listening for the melody, bass and accompaniment.

If you understand chord names, you may recognize some of these chords. Again, if they're unfamiliar, it's not necessary to understand them in this course. Below are the names of the chords in each progression. Be aware, the chord shapes may not be exactly the same as you play in other styles of music.

Progression 1 is C to a form of G/B.
Progression 2 is C to Am to the same G.
Progression 3 is Am to a form of D.