Watch the String Crossing Exercises online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

Building upon the simple four note right hand alternation and string crossing groups in the previous video, we're also adding a three note version. Each three note version begins with either I or M so you will be combining simple and complex string crossing in one exercise. On days where you only have time for a short practice session, play the three note exercise.

One practice technique I use for string crossing is to pause right before the crossing and take as much time as I need to move my right hand to the next string. Then I re-set my fingertip and P (thumb) before I continue playing. Always play at a speed where you can think ahead of your finger movements!

At approximately 2:05 I play both exercises: the simple four note groups from the previous video and the complex & simple three note groups explained at the beginning of this video

Again, consistent practice of these exercises will develop your right hand classical guitar technique. These exercises prepare you to put the left hand and right hand together to play scales and ultimately a short exercise by one of the great classical guitarists Francisco Tárrega.