Watch the SECTION 4: Wrap-Up & Practice Tips online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

Congratulations again! This time congratulations are in order for completing the course. We covered a lot of material here. You learned many of the foundational skills necessary to play classical guitar. I imagine it took time and commitment to get the end. Well done!

So what do you do next? First, you may want to spend some time reviewing anything from this course that you do not feel completely comfortable playing. Of course, continue to spend time practicing exercises that cover different aspects of right and left hand classical technique: rest strokes, alternation, free strokes, arpeggios, the four left hand classical guitar positions and of course Milán's "Pavan 1". Consistent practice will keep you on the path toward mastery of the instrument.

You may want to visit my TrueFire Channel: Andrew Leonard's Classical Guitar Conservatory. In it, you will find material for all levels of classical guitarist and various topics of discussion including pieces to learn depending on your level. If you would like personalized feedback on anything from the course, TrueFire offers Private Lessons where we exchange videos on any classical guitar topic you choose. Also, be on the lookout for my TrueFire Take 5 Course. The 5 pieces I teach are at an level appropriate level for you. The pieces include Franciso Tárrega’s masterpiece Lágrima, the Renaissance favorite Greensleeves and the well known Minuet in G by Bach/Petzold. The course focuses on simply teaching how to play the pieces without detailed explanations of technique. So it will give you a great opportunity for you to apply what you have learned.

If you are looking for pieces that are a good follow up to this course, I suggest you consider the Suzuki Guitar Method: Book 2. There are nine levels and for each book a recording of all pieces is available. You do need to know how to read music since the Suzuki books do not have guitar tab.

I suggest you start with Book 2 since the pieces area at the same level as the Milan's "Pavan #1". In fact, Book 2 begins with pieces using the same A major scale used to play the Tárrega exercise. In my Channel here at TrueFire, I take you through some of these pieces with the same approach I used in this course and will include guitar tab and standard notation - for pieces in the public domain. Full disclosure: there are some videos in my channel that are free (the posture, footstool and fingernail lessons) but others do require a Premium Subscription (which is currently quite low).

Again, thank you for your interest and dedication. If you have a moment, I would love to hear from you. Visit to reach out.

Keep practicing: Volume 2 is in the works!

Lastly, if you enjoyed this course I would appreciate it if you take a moment to share your thoughts with the awesome people at TrueFire.