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Watch the Right Hand I & M Rest Stroke online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

This video covers classical guitar right hand placement. Once we make sure the wrist is in the mid-range of motion, we place our fingers on the strings. The first stroke to learn is the rest stroke. By placing the right hand thumb (P) on the fifth string (A string) we stabilize the hand. Remember to keep the thumb out in front of the fingers.

The "contact point" is the very tip area on the left side of the finger that is about to pluck the string. Plucking the string from this area allows you to easily move your finger through the string when playing. In this and following videos I refer to it as "left side of the fingertip" or the "high edge of the fingertip". I choose this to remind you of where to place the finger, since the phrase "contact point" is much less specific.

The fingering terminology for classical guitar needs a bit of explanation. The right hand fingers are P, I, M, A. P is the thumb, I is the index finger, M is the middle finger and A is the ring finger. We use these so we can differentiate from the left hand fingerings which are simply: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Lastly, if you want to get head start on using your right hand ring finger (the "A" finger) go right ahead!

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