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Watch the Milan Pavan Chordal Passage online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

After viewing and analyzing the previous video, you're probably quite familiar with this passage from Luys Milán's "Pavan 1" and well prepared to learn it.

As always, be patient and practice choosing a tempo that allows you to easily to think ahead of your finger movements. Remember, not only are you learning part of the final piece in the course, you're developing your right hand and left hand classical guitar technique.

Learning to play this passage will deepen your awareness of melody. One practice suggestion is to play only the melody note from each chord several times and then play the full chords. I find after doing this it's easier to hear the melody as I play all the notes in a chord.

Please Note: Towards the very end of the passage there is a single note played on the 3rd string, first fret using left hand finger 1. In the video I use my right hand I (index) finger to play. In the notation and tab, it's labeled as being played with M (middle finger). You can use whichever is more comfortable.