Watch the Fingers & Thumb Arpeggio Exercise online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

After explaining the "Fingers & Thumb Right Hand Arpeggio Exercise", at approximately 40 seconds, the exercise is played with no talking. After the exercise, I'll give you some alternate practice suggestions. Notice: the speed of the arpeggios has increased since last video. So, each of the movements in the arpeggio sequence has become much subtler.

Practice slowly focusing on the sequence of movements. Speed in right hand arpeggio playing comes from mastery of precise movements. Mastery of precise movements comes from always practicing with "your brain ahead of your fingers". If you ever run into someone who has studied with me privately or in a workshop, they will tell you my favorite saying is "your brain must be ahead of your fingers at all times." In case you're wondering, it's a saying I made up.