Watch the Classical Guitar Method online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

This course would not have been possible without the assistance of many people. I would like to acknowledge them below. Also, I have provided links to those companies whose gear and/or accessories may be able help you with your classical guitar adventure.

Keep in touch!

Many thanks to everyone at TrueFire! From the initial conversation inviting me to create this course to the days spent in Florida recording at their state of the art studio and finally putting everything together in post-production, working with TrueFire has been a phenomenal experience.

D'Addario Strings: I used D'Addario Strings long before I became a D'Addario Endorsee. D'Addario Strings have always made all of my guitars sound great. Their strings are very consistent. In all the years I have been using D'Addario Strings to perform, record and practice I have never had a "bad string". In this course, I use EXP Hard Tension Strings.

O'Leary Guitars: The guitar I played in this course was made by the Irish luthier Michael O'Leary. In addition to having an incredible sound, the woods chosen and craftsmanship make this guitar visually stunning. You may have noticed the Celtic motif on the rosette surrounding the sound hole. My guitar has a cedar top and spruce top models are available.

Johnson String Instruments: This company is my first stop for instruments for my students of all levels, accessories such as footstools, sheet music and Suzuki books. Contact Justin Davis, he will be happy to help you out. Johnson String Instruments Website

Jackson & Connor: a menswear shop in Northampton, Massachusetts. The owner Will Brideau and his employees are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about menswear. Will has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my "classical guitar style". The store is a lot of fun to visit - it even has a pool table!

A huge "thank You" for providing the wardrobe I wore during the filming of this course.

Benjamin Killip-Leonard: A wizard with Finale Software. Benjamin created the files TrueFire turned into Guitar Pro. His knowledge of Finale Guitar Notation and Guitar Tab saved me hours of time.

As they say, last but definitely not least, my family Shersten, Sarah and Benjamin. Words cannot express my gratitude.