Watch the Aguado Arpeggio Etude online guitar lesson by Andrew Leonard from Beginner Method for Classical Guitar

Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849) is an important figure in the history of classical guitar. By all accounts he was a virtuoso guitarist and also a great innovator. He used fingernails during a period when most other guitarists did not. He also created a guitar stand called a tripodium (or tripodion) to allow more sound to come from the guitar. His New Method for Guitar published in 1843 is an important contribution to the evolution of classical guitar.

Aguado's most famous composition is his "Rondo #2 Opus 2". My favorite performance is by the great English classical guitarist Julian Bream. An internet search should lead you to a video or recording.

We're going to learn one of his less challenging pieces, an Etude in A minor.