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Watch the Slash Chords Vol. 1 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Chord Studies: Slash Chords Vol. 1

In this group of slash chord progressions you are going to have a lot of different approaches. We will start off by taking one four chord four measure progression that utilizes a slash chord and we will run it though some different keys. 5 different keys which will give you different fingerings and help you understand how to lay things out on the fingerboard then we will take a couple of other progressions that are very typical in pop and rock music and play them in a couple different keys with different inversions and finally we will even take for fun a phrygian progression a phrygian dominant latin spanish flamenco sound which involves two different triads all over one bass note. We will move along the string axis utilizing inversions on the first, second, and third strings and the second, third, and fourth strings.