Watch the Chord Studies: Slash Chords Vol. 1 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Chord Studies: Slash Chords Vol. 1

Hi this Brad Carlton welcome to this guitar lab edition focused on slash chord applications. Each individual edition in this guitar lab series features 15 studies focused on a particular application of chords I designed this series to provide you with unlimited creative options for crafting interesting and compelling rhythm guitar parts. Across the series we will explore essential and exotic chord voicing's all purpose substitutions, creative approaches and performance techniques. In this group of slash chord progressions you are going to have a lot of different approaches. We will start off by taking one four chord four measure progression that utilizes a slash chord and we will run it though some different keys. I will break down and demonstrate the chord studies over rhythm tracks in a variety of styles using chord progressions commonly encountered in that style. You will also get chord diagrams that will clearly give you the left hand fingerings and you will get the jam tracks for you to work with on your own. So get your guitar and lets make some music.