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Watch the Evolving Blues Vol. 1 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Chord Studies: Evolving Blues Vol. 1

You're going to be studying a number of different blues progressions, but they're all either twelve bar blues progressions or eight bar blues progressions. Our last three in this group will be eight bar blues progressions. Now in a standard 12-bar blues the basic form would just use three different chords. A I VII, IV VII, and V VII. We're going to be in the key of A, so that means that you have A VII, D VII, and E VII. We'll start with a very simple form that doesn't have a whole lot of chordal activity, meaning you're not changing chords very frequently. Then we'll gradually build in with substitutions that come from the jazz vocabulary. And you'll also learn a lot of different voicings. Voicings that include a bass note, so if you're by yourself you'd hear it, but also voicings that delete the bass note, so if you're in a jazzy situation or you've got a bass player that's walking you won't get in their way. I'll be talking about pivot and guide fingers. Prepared guide fingers. All kind of techniques like double stops, where you're hyper extending a finger to capture two adjacent strings in the same fret and you'll also learn a lot of things about dampening and how to keep things clean. So, let's have some fun, start simple, get a little more complex.