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Watch the Multi-Use online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Chord Studies: Double-Stops Vol. 1

Yup, still inverting thirds! Interval inversions should be as natural as breathing for you so keep working them. We're inverting the minor third interval to get a major sixth. You could apply our current example to both A Dorian and A Aeolian because neither F nor F♯ are used to imply one mode or the other. As you continue your modal studies, try to notice which modes different licks or chordal patterns can mesh with. Not only will this help with your chording and your soloing, but will also develop your ear. Have you ever met that player that can hear a tune once and play it perfectly? They have developed their ear to the point where they can hear a specific mode or chord voicing where other players hear only "that weird note that I like so much". This is huge, so keep it up! The more you listen, the more you can play.