Apply for a TrueFire Channel

TrueFire Channels provide you with an online venue for teaching, expanding your fan and student base, and generating new and ongoing revenues.

Using the channel’s toolset, you can easily upload content and quickly organize your channel however you wish.

TrueFire will promote your channel to its community of over one million musicians, educators, students, and music enthusiasts.

Your channel can feature free content for promo purposes and also offer premium content on a paid subscription basis.

You can present your lessons with any combination of materials such as video, tab, jam tracks, charts, notation, or sheet music.

Distinguish and brand your channel with a unique name, your logo, custom banner, and custom video title slide.

Your subscribers can interact with you and other subscribers via video and text discussion threads and activity feeds.

Use your channel to promote any of your musical or educational activities such as CDs, tour dates, private lessons, or merchandise.

TrueFire provides you with a turnkey solution including hosting, the channel toolset, tech support, help desk, accounting, and reporting.

TrueFire Channels are free for musicians and music educators, plus you’ll earn 75% of paid subscriptions to your channel - no other fees or charges!


Can I have more than one channel?

Not at this time.

What are my pricing options for paid subscription?

$5 minimum, increments of $1.

How much does it cost?

Free! We only take a cut of your paid subscriptions. There are no hosting fees for you!

Is there a limit on number of videos or subscribers?

No limit.

Is there a limit on video length?

No, but we highly recommend keeping individual videos under 20 minutes.

What is my share on paid subscriptions?


Can I do live streaming for paid subscribers?

Not at this time but we’re working on it!

Who can view and comment on my channel?

Anyone can view your free content, but you have to be a TrueFire student to comment and post videos to discussion threads. Only paid subscribers can access your paid content and participate in those discussion threads.

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