Watch the The Old Bush online guitar lesson by Tony McManus from The Celtic Journeyman

Our third study is a traditional Irish reel in DADGAD tuning and in the key of D. It’s actually in D mixolydian- so remember the flattened 7th- C natural. Just to be twisted the tune has the occasional C# so be careful. Again, we’re going to exploit the tuning by playing melody notes on different strings and these will build up to form chords by default.

The crucial thing in this arrangement is the bass line but it also involves a lot of the “ring- middle- index” triplets and, in a little variation on the melody, the triplet with the thumb.

This is a traditional old tune that I’ve slowed down for artistic reasons rather than just to simplify it. I like the way the tune sits over the chords at this speed. So let’s look at the Old Bush.

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