Watch the Out On The Ocean online guitar lesson by Tony McManus from The Celtic Journeyman

I’m going to show you a well known jig called “Out on the Ocean”, and Irish tune in Dropped D tuning and capoed up 2 frets. I’m playing in G shapes but it’ll sound in the key of A.

This tune I learned from the great Irish band Planxty- a very important group in traditional music and a great source of tunes. Mostly in that group the melody was carried on Liam O’Flynn’s uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes). It is a good idea to check out their recordings.

This is a two part jig with no particular twists or turns- just AABB and I play it twice. It’s in Dropped D and uses the chord shapes we talked about and the ring middle index triplets, so make sure that those are reviewed.

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