Watch the Out On The Ocean online guitar lesson by Tony McManus from The Celtic Journeyman

Ok, let’s look in detail at this jig. Remember the time signature is 6/8 and this particular tune I think suits being played at the slow pace we’ll use here. The key is A but I’m capoed at fret 2 so playing in G positions.

The tune itself starts on the open 4th string and I introduce some movement in the bass and the open 5th string bass note happens on beat 4 of the bar to give some rhythmic interest.

As before, sustaining the bass notes as the melody moves, especially as it moves across different strings, will give a sense of chords even though we are simply playing a bass line and a melody.

In the first part of the tune I slide up with the third finger and on the way down there are two alternatives....remember we’d play this through several times either for performance or dance so strict repetition is not a great idea to keep it interesting. You can either slide back down- country style!- or finger it with a grace note.

The B part of the tune starts on the top string open. There are lots of chords that would work under this but what I play is a Cmaj7 and then to a Bmin7- a simple three note chord, the top note being the melody. Again sustaining these chords adds to the richness of the arrangement.

There’s lots of scope here for the three finger triplet- some of them split between two notes. Practice that at walking pace. I also use my index finger nail like a flatpick....if it works for you try it though it’s by no means crucial for this arrangement.

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