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Watch the Tushy online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Play in the Style of Billy Gibbons

Of course this is a take off on ZZ Top's famous shuffle "Tush". As you can see I do a slight variation on the main riff. The more important thing about this example is the way Billy plays the straight-ahead blues shuffle in the key of G without stretching his fingers. For years I have played this song incorrectly as well as many, many, many, other guitar players I have seen. I was always doing the big Chuck Berry style stretch with my pinky and finding it very difficult to do on the third fret for the G chord. As I show you in this example Billy's approach is very clever as he utilizes the open strings and uses left hand muting to get the same notes without straining his hand. I must admit I did have a Homer Simpson-like "D'OH" feeling when I discovered how Billy was playing this. I took great pleasure in showing this to many of my guitar player friends, many of whom are professionals, how this was played. I would say almost all of them had the same reaction I did, "D'OH"! This is one of the many aspects I love about playing guitar and music in general. There is always something new to learn no matter how simple.