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Watch the Thanks To You online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Play in the Style of Billy Gibbons

"Thanks to You" visits ZZ Top's version of the Sam and Dave classic "Thank You", and I love both versions equally. This lick incorporates a double-stop bend between the D and F# notes on the second and third strings. On this one I use my third finger to pull the strings downwards just enough for the D to make it up to the E - the F# is just kind of along for the ride. Flattening out the third finger to get the F# creates a cool dissonance on the first half of the double-stop bend. Once we pull that third finger off to the first finger, pull the first finger down towards the floor a little bit to get a slight bend. This is actually pretty tricky to do, but it adds in more cool dissonance between the two strings. Another very useful part of this lick is when it goes to the E7 chord we end up outlining that change by sliding into a 6th between the third and root of the E7. The notes of E7 are E,G#,B, D. This section of the lick works great on the V7 of an A blues.