Watch the Neighbor Turnaround online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Play in the Style of Billy Gibbons

This one is a little tricky as it starts off with a nice big overbend from the G to the Bb of the G minor pentatonic scale. Also there is some tricky fingering moves going on and the later half of the lick where I use my third finger to flatten out and cover two strings so play close attention! Another aspect of this lick is the introduction of the natural sixth to the minor pentatonic scale. Since we are in the key of G that note would be an E. The natural six can be seen as coming from G major pentatonic, G mixolydian, or G Dorian depending on how you hear the song. In this case I do most closely see it related to G mixolydian as we are thinking the blues. Here we also see that little G minor arpeggio at the upper part of the lick that we see in many of Billy's solos, so take note of that one. As with all of these licks, Billy's phrasing is exceptionally important. Listen to the lick numerous times before attempting to play it. If you can sing it in your head, away from the instrument, you have a much greater chance of playing it properly when you pick up the guitar. Generally that's some good advice anyway.