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Watch the Lovely Automobile online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Play in the Style of Billy Gibbons

Here is another variation on the root-to-root on lower string lick so we can vibrato and articulate the note differently. This time to keep it brighter BFG slides from the 6 to the root and adds a Major 3rd on the way up. It ends with that minor triad lick again. What I like about this lick is that it flirts with more of a major pentatonic sound, which is a little unusual for Billy Gibbons. I know I am making a big generalization but he more or less sticks to the minor pentatonic scale when soloing. This is where we can hear his B.B. King influence as B.B. is well-known for using the major pentatonic scale. If you are anything like me and came to blues via rock 'n roll, you may not be that well-versed in B.B. King's music. Of course he has many fantastic recordings but I highly recommend "Live at The Regal", "Live in Cook County Jail" and "Singin' The Blues" as great starting points to the man's genius. Along with Billy Gibbons, B.B. King is not only a great guitar player but an equally great singer. His vocal style is just as influential as his guitar playing. On this track we are playing over an A7 chord which is the I7 chord in an A blues. The next lick "She Loves My Car" is played over the IV7 chord, or D7.