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Watch the JC Soul-O online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Play in the Style of Billy Gibbons

One my favorite aspects of Billy's guitar playing is that he is not afraid to get some dirty sounds out of an instrument. In this lick we see his use of the major second interval, that's a whole step folks, to create some nasty dissonance. The background track is a chunking G5 power chord and not only is it just the interval of the whole step played in unison that adds the distance, it is also Billy's choice of notes. He is playing a C and a Bb as a double stop, the C is the 4th of the scale which is a somewhat uncomfortable note to sit on on the G5 chord to begin with. Add in the Bb, which is the b3, and add some wicked vibrato we get a very distinctive rub. As we will see in upcoming licks Billy uses the same idea between the root and the flatted seventh.