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Watch the Good Neighbor online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Play in the Style of Billy Gibbons

This lick is similar to what Billy plays on the tune "Neighbor Neighbor" on the first record that goes hand-in-hand with the lick above. This lick contains a musical staple right at the top which is sort of the musical equivalent of saying the word "the". Spend a lot of time on this one and pay attention to the picking pattern that I show you in the video as it makes it much easier to play. As you notice I'm using a down stroke on the first two notes to cover the first two strings. This is often called economy picking, although I don't think Billy is thinking of it that way. Next little part of the is lick is one of Billy's favorite maneuvers to do. That is where you double the root note by playing it on two different strings. Here we go from the G on the third fret of the high string and then slide in from the F to the G on the second string. The fretting the root on the second string allows us to get some nice wide vibrato. I also like the articulation it gives us by playing the same note on two different strings. The second half of the phrase is a big cliché of Billy's. We are basically just outlining a G minor triad that is contained inside the G minor pentatonic scale. When I first started playing guitar and maybe a little longer than I would like to admit, I didn't realize there was a G minor triad inside a G minor pentatonic scale, sometimes the most obvious things elude us!