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Watch the Billy's Second online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Play in the Style of Billy Gibbons

Yep, here is another dissonant double stop lick! As we can see, as is the point of this whole course, that this is a signature of Billy Gibbons' playing. The chord progression is F to C and the lick contains the root and b7 alternating back-and-forth while letting the notes ring out to create that signature rub. In the first part of the lick we are playing an F and an Eb and bouncing between the two using hybrid picking. As the chord changes to the C we keep the relationship between the two notes the same as we move to C and Bb. The second time around we can throw in the C on the high string played by my ring finger on my pick hand. This just adds to the overall cool, dissonant sound of the lick. The rub in this lick is created by playing the root and the b7, which are a whole step apart from each other. A fun thing to practice is to do this in other keys. These two notes are found inside the minor pentatonic scale and we may have played them in the past as a unison bend. But if you're anything like me, you may not have played them as a double stop against each other. I love when something so obvious smacks me in the face.