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Watch the Riff Love online guitar lesson by Kelly Richey from Focus On: Blues-Rock Power Trio

This song has a simple riff similar to Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker", coming straight from an A minor pentatonic scale and is built on a I-IV-V progression. The lead section uses an open A string as a drone and is loosely based on Clapton’s version of “Crossroads”, also taking some from the main riff. The freedom of my right hand and left/right hand muting comes from my SRV influence.

Notice that I've chosen to use power chords over barre chords and I'm constantly executing a left and right hand muting technique. I'm incorporating a touch of vibrato, slides and hammer-ons with many of the power chord, and I add a percussive feel to the rhythmic execution of many of these chords.

I originally wrote this song on my acoustic guitar, recording the first demo to a drum loop, and then recorded the version on my record with drums only to insure the groove was tight as it switched between the riff based sections and the openness in the chord sections.  Pay attention to how the drums and bass alter their groove between the riff and lead section of the song and the verses to support what I'm playing. Finally, in the lead section, I combine all the elements of the song - a percussive lead/rhythm approach and a variation of the main riff that’s more loosely executed.

My guitar sound in this song is fairly dry with only a touch of reverb and warm overdrive. My guitar signal consists of two Ibanez Tube Screamers and a pair of Fender Princeton Reverb Amps.