Watch the DG's Boogie: Solo 5 online guitar lesson by Steve Trovato from Voodoo Blues

This is one of my all-time favorites. I am moving between two chords.
The funky rhythm gives it an off balance feel. The chords alternate between a 9 chord and a 13
chord. It's a movable shape. Let’s check it out.

Begin by sliding into a G# note
on the fourth string using your pick. Then barre and play the D and F# notes on strings 3 and 2
using your middle and ring fingers. Then slide on the fifth string into a D natural from a half step
above. Follow this by playing the double stops C# and E on strings 3 and 2. Keep it percussive by
popping the strings. This idea certainly adds a unique jazzy sounding concept to your playing. Move
the shape up a fourth for the IV chord and up a fifth for the V7 chord.

second concept I demonstrate is harmonizing each note of a blues scale using a 13 chord in

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