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Watch the Level 5: Blues Chord Melody online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Take 5: Blues Chord Melody

In our last etude, we're using contrary motion. This is the technical term for two voices moving in opposite directions. Here we're using it three ways. First, we're using it on octave 5ths of our dom 7th chords and chromatically moving the voices inward. Next, we're using it within a chord change. In the ninth measure, we have a V-V/V-V progression or E7-B7-E7. By augmenting the B7, we're able to have G and D# resolve inward to G# and D natural. G went up and D# came down a half step. The last example of this is in our turnaround. Here we're starting on the guide tones of A7(G and C#) and moving G down in half steps and C# up in half steps 'til the are playing E in octaves.

The last concept we're going to look at is partials. This is a pretty simple idea. Rather than playing the full 4 note chord, you can pick out any three, two or single notes you want. This can be used to be more subtle in your application of substitutions, augmented, diminished and altered chords or to lighten up the weight of a four note chord.