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Watch the Blues Chord Melody online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Take 5: Blues Chord Melody

Study 1 will cover common dominant 7th chord inversions on the top four strings, the use of diatonic passing tones, and using a half-step approach to single notes and full chords. Study 2 will use IV/I, IV/IV, V/I and V/V chords, learning how to find them and their function. These will add more harmonic movement to our melodies. In Study 3, we'll alter chords with augmented and diminished chords. Augmented chords can be used on I chords leading to the IV or the V chord leading into I, as well as applied to V/I and V/V substitutions. Diminished chords can be used to get access to the 3rd, 5th, b7th and b9th of dominant chords. It can also be used as a half-step approach to the 3rd, 5th and the b7th.

Moving on to our more advanced studies, Study 4 will harmonize the blues scale with major 6th chords, dominant 13th chords and 4ths. No matter how we harmonize the scale, we keep the scale note on top. In Study 5, we're using contrary motion. This is the ideal motion for two voices. The voices are either moving towards each other or away from each other. We'll be applying it to melodies as well as voice leading harmonies.